Small meeting with the organizers of the World Cup in 2016

A few days before the coming of the World Cup we made a point with the “pilots” of the organization of this new round in 2016.

Patrice Bordères, this preparation is completed without much problems?

Yes, this year highlights our experience in 2015, we wanted to structure the organization with leaders in activity: safety, sports, track, UCI, communication, volunteers etc …
Around the assistant sports Sayous Patricia and her staff, we, the city of Lourdes and the club, a steering committee, and we can say that the result is the appointment and effective also.

The track :
Aurélien Héraud is responsible for the track this year and also the work done by the volunteers of the club. He says:

We have made over 15 weekends to maintain, clean, improve paths etc … but the biggest job was to prepare access for spectators to the public to climb the Pic du Jer easily until above, to enjoy driving in several places in the race. Now at 10 days, a tuning, we protections nets and the maximum it secures the track.

Christophe Zentar pilot the field with Anne Sophie Moulinier the city and things are looking good.

This year the displays extend deep south and we activate social networks thoroughly. The tourist office and a close partnership with Npy facilitate the dissemination of information.
So happy completed the program and the poster and this is an improvement. Aurélien Rémy and have fully renovated the website and it is great! There will be more international journalists that last year so the coverage will be enormous.

Security and rescue:

Jean-Michel Abbadie is the man for the job. After many meetings, prefecture, firefighters, Red Cross, security guards, all this has no secrets for him.

We loop this week the organization of emergency races but also public. The teams consist of around Cathy Gamel Hautacam for the race and captain Patrick Duarte for firefighters. For site security, we renewed the very successful partnership last year with the college of Sède.
I also manage the 70 Marshalls of trackside for the race goes as smoothly as possible.

He added

We expect more than 30 000 spectators must that one is ready.

Volunteers, the club’s strength:
Nogues Jean-Michel’s boss (dad) volunteers and it’s nothing to say, he coaxes them.

At the club, we like to meet us for mountain biking but also for other activities.
The pleasure of doing well is the leitmotif. We organize for some years and the fun is still there. We are 120 organizations but the day you go up to 180, and always new people joining us. We will try to do as well in 2015, when we got the distinction of the best organization it puts us puts us a little pressure! 

The Paddock:
Aurelien also handles relations with the UCI teams.

The UCI Regulations imposes constraints that compel us to find parades to welcome the best trucks and buses of the big teams. This is often a tetris game !! not easy!
Ms Lacaze gives us his campsites and this for several years. Through it our task is much easier. This year there will be more teams.

Patrice concludes:

This week the lower sector of the Pic du Jer will turn such a circus that arrives in a city.
The services of the city will once again demonstrate their effectiveness and their knowledge welcome. The railway staff is on the block and starking Lourdes VTT will be in full force, then we will have a great event. The 2016 edition approach quickly becomes Lourdes 8 to 10 April the world capital of mountain biking, come free.