Downhill, a complete sport !

Loïc Bruni - Photo by Paris Gore / Pure Agency

Loïc Bruni – Photo by Paris Gore / Pure Agency

The downhill (DHI) is a mountain bike discipline. It is practiced on natural tracks, with multiples kind of obstacles like roots, rocks, jumps, trees etc … The riders launch themselves on the track equiped with timing cells, the goal is then very easy : go down as quickly as possible, by slamming a crazy run !!

When downhill was considered as a marginal discipline of mountain biking is over, now it is a recognized discipline that we compare to Formula 1. Most of the new technology now standardized on our MTB come from prototypes used a few years back in downhill (disc brakes, suspensions…). Downhill is a high-tech sport. If in the 90s the weight was not a criterion in the design of a downhill mountain bike, mentality have changed today, manufacturers are looking for each grams, new materials are used (magnesium, titanium, carbon …) and now bikes weight are around 16kg against more than 20kg in 1990 …

Downhill is not only a mechanical sport, take a bike and come in Lourdes and try to go down our track of the Pic du  Jer ! You will see that this is an extremely compltete sports that requires technical skills, control, physics, explosive, and a good pair of … wheels.

Riders are therefore real athletes who train all year to give the maximum of themselves during this intensive 2-5 minutes of race.

But better than words, here are some videos that well summarize our sport, enjoy !!