Where : Pic du Jer site in Lourdes, see how to come

When : from 10 to 12 April 2015, see program

What : downhill MTB world cup, activities (climbing wall, bike park activity, concerts …)

How : good shoes (hiking shoes recommended) to move along the track

How : access to the event site, the World Cup village and the track is completely free !

Some tips for enjoy the race

  • Always remain outside the rubalises, a pedestrian access is provided for this purpose
  • Cross the track only in the cross-point provided for this purpose and by asking the marshall
  • Always look above you
  • Be aware of whistles (rider passing)
  • Be careful not to drop anything on the track (stones, branches …)
  • Respect the equipment and volunteers
  • Keep your trash and throw them into the bin on arrival
  • Respect the environment
  • Keep free access to emergency
  • Do not act on a crash and leave it to the professionals
  • Enjoy the race in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere and do not forget to support the riders !

The event in some words

After a long winter break, where riders take the opportunity to make progress and improve their fitness, Lourdes will be the opening round of the World Cup MTB DHI. We want to inform that the competition will be present, and the riders are going to ride “no-brakes ” to try to take the overall standings of the World Cup.

The best riders in the world will be here for this first round, you will be able to see them on the track, but you also will be able to see them in the Team Area inside their teams and maybe have an autograph !

In addition to the competition, many activities (shows, concerts …) will be held during the weekend (day, night …). Do not hesitate to stay there in order to enjoy the event !

The spectator access will be free for the event and for the track, spectator access will be indicated, a good pair of shoes or walking shoes (recommended) will allow you to walk safely.

Whistles, and trumpets or other instrument are strongly recommended, as more there will be people and encouragement along the track, and more they will go fast ! Crazy !

Coupe du monde La Bresse – Photo by Vélovert

Coupe du monde La Bresse – Photo by Vélovert