The World Cup track (Black track of the Pic du Jer) is closed. Thanks to understand.


  • Length : 2.0km
  • Elevation : 477m
  • Altitude of starting point : 900m
  • Status : closed for works
  • Uplift : funicular (7 minutes)
  • Pedestrian / spectator access : free all along the track (walking shoes recommended), see spectator tips.

Winners 2013-2014

Winners 2014 (regional round) :
PIERRON Amaury : 02:59.136 (shortened track, because of bad weather)
RAGOT Emmeline : 03:36.59

Winners 2013 (French national round “Coupe de France FFC”) :
THIRION Rémi : 4:04.423
NICOLE Myriam : 4:51.991

The hot-points

Point 1Start : the chrono starts here, pilot launches himself over a long wooden bridge, followed by a jump and then a turn, passing under the arches of the funicular.

Point 2The Rock garden : here the pilot starts by the serious stuff, the 1st technical area, there is rocks, it slides, it is technical, and mistake is not permitted.

Point 3Little bridge : a fast section dotted with jumps that ends with the jump from “little bridge” where spectators can go through and see the riders jump over their head…

Point 4The Bobseleigh : the description is in the name, it goes fast it turns and it’s not possible to go out the line…

Point 5 The Wall : the second BIG technical section of the track, a big wall, several meters altitude swallowed in a few seconds, probably one of the most spectacular parts of the track!

Point 6The Shuss : a rapid section through a pine plantation, good for mentally recovery after the previous pass, but be careful to not relax, the speed is high and the trees are close !

Point 7Water Fall : always fast in this section, several choices of line possible with varying rock or risk depending of the choice.

Point 8Road Gap 1 : 1st road gap, a good 2.5m high by 10m long, the jump is on hip (turning jump).

Point 9Road Gap 2 : the second and last road gap of the track, about 3m high, 12m long with large pines near the landing, it’ll be the show in this area, note that ‘in case of dehydration, refreshments (beer…) will be installed at the jump!

Point 10La Promenade des Anglais : a natural pines section in the pure “Savoie” style … The roots could well make an appearance during the weekend …

Point 11Rock drop : a crossing of 4×4 track with a rock to avoid, roll or pull, the last option is for heart well hung! A very spectacular section too.

Point 12The Canyon : here to change it goes very fast, there is almost no land, there is only curling rocks, it is very slippery, and there is a special “cojones” line, which can save time, or lose a lot…

Point 13The Off camber : this passage was originally called the mire … The forecast announce good weather and sunshine for the event so we have renamed this passage “off camber” since a faster line slope is now possible.

Point 14Step Up “Hello Houston, this is Lourdes ?…”, imagine a long straight line (more than 60km / h …), a jump and a looooong flat receipt, no doubt, that the rider will land far away will earn the respect of the spectators !

Point 15The Arena : last section of the track, the rider comes from the previous area launched at Mach 12, an unobstructed view from the finish area, he enters the arena as public cries, the stands screaming, the clock is running, the two last corners are swallowed in a split second, hi jumps the final bridge that cross over the road, everyone holds their breath, the manager has a vacant look biting his cap, the rider’s girlfriend closes her eyes, the speaker becomes hysteric, some spectators lose consciousness … everyone is crazy, it’s pure madness on the finish area! The rider finally crossed the finish line, the clock stops and the verdict is announced !

This is what you will experience and see if you come to Lourdes ! So do not hesitate!

(If you still don’t believe us, take a look in the video section.

Some pictures (Loïc Arnould)

The track

Plan piste & paddock