World Cup track, a great dig weekend !

The regular passage of MTB on the black track of the Pic du Jer requires major maintenance work, again many volunteers of Lourdes VTT were present this weekend, to fix all that and provide a great track for the world cup that is fast approaching.

To maintenance work are added some improvements, an extra jump here, a little drain there in case of bad weather … (you never know, sometimes it rains in Lourdes …).

The final jump also improved, this year it’ll jump ! Guaranteed show! Recipe ? A beautiful riprap to support reception, few meters cube of dirt moved with the digger, sprinkle everything with a little gravel (always in anticipation of a time less sunny than last year …) and finally some round trip with the vibrating plate to firmly pack it all … and you will get a finish worthy of a World Cup.

It miss the gateway to jump, but that’s for later! Thank you again to the volunteers present!