Lourdes VTT is a serious club that doesn’t take itself too seriously!

Lourdes VTT is a law 1901 association that is already 25 years old and counting. 120 members strong, the club is a cycling associate affiliated with la Fédération Française de Cyclisme at the same time being composed of several branches.

First and foremost, the youth education program consisting of a BMX and MTB school led by our certified educators. If these young persons equally partake in competitive riding, they may hope to one day count themselves amongst the highest division of riders as many of our members do. A bike trekking section as well as all-mountain section are available, largely complementary to the enduro and downhill sections offered by the club, which are quite popular amid our members. Cross-country mountain biking is the final addition to our club’s current selection of practiced disciplines.

We take a great deal of pleasure in the organization and execution of the club’s plentiful actions and events.

Taking into account the numerous treks, and more than 20 competitions from youth championships to downhill from the summit of le Pic du Jer, the UCI recently bestowed upon us the Holy Grail of rewards. We received the award of Best Organized of the 2015 World Cup DH, a distinction which gives prize to our relentless enthusiasm for the sport.

In unity we are stronger.

Friendship, diversity, expertise, fun and generosity are just some of Lourdes VTT’s actively practiced values…