The MTB School

The MTB School, like all other schools of sport, is an organization composed of an ongoing training program, a team of certified instructors, and most importantly young athletes. A school united with the purpose of discovering and exploring the various forms of cycling. This exploration takes place not only in a framework of competition, but also of leisure and voluntary work, unified under the banner of progress.


The main goal of our MTB School is to empower youth through the exercise and acquisition of worthwhile life skills. The practice of various forms of cycling and the MTB School are:

  • An unparalleled medium of discovery and knowledge in an accepting and natural environment.

  • A means of introduction to both self-actualization and the benefits of invested effort. Two notions deeply cherished by Lourdes VTT, whether or not in the framework of competition.


  • Acquisition of MTB techniques, as well as various other cycling techniques.

  • Examination of specific bike tracks (map making, mileage, inspection, etc.) with real life implementation.

  • Familiarity with both street and woodland terrain (riding etiquette, first-aid, plant life, wildlife, etc.)

  • Mastery of bicycle upkeep.



MTB Basics





Wednesday 10h00/11h30

Saturday 09h00/10h30

Wednesday 14h30/16h00 et 16h30/18h00

Saturday 11h00/12h30

Saturday 14h30/17h00

PMTB basics, Biker 1 or 2 progression. 8 years old minimum, know how to control his bike, turn and stop.

Become a good MTB rider, being autonomous.

Become an expert, teenagers willing to access a higher MTB level by racing or not, can occasionally be part of social ride together with the all mountain section.