On a sun shining day quiet Lourdes city turns to crowded  as welcoming the WC Mountain bike for this spring week-end.

Burning fans stood all along the track hopefully waiting for the pilots!

After a spectacular run and unbearable suspense, all worries left when results fell.

In the junior’s category Andrew CRIMMINGS won the 1st World cup of the season ahead Laurie GREENLAND at 0.3 seconds and Jackson FREW. The first french, Thibault LALY is 4th !

Girls corner :
Frenchie Emmeline RAGOT, beats the time and takes the 1st seat as she gets 2 seconds ahead British girl Rachel ATHERTON.
Another Frenchie Myriam NICOLE takes third seat and strengthens french colors on the podium. After obtaining the first seat on the podium yesterday during the quali, Tracy HANNAH seemed to be the favorite before she crashed and lost her chance to win.

Men’s :
1st rider who made less than 3 minutes, Aaron GWIN (USA), run 2:58.691.
Obviously no one can ever gets its hot seat. Remi THIRION, before last to run, seemed to start well but unfortunately punctured his tyre close to the finish and ended only 29th.
Every hopes lean towards french pilot Loic BRUNI, who gained best time during the Saturday quali. The French rider who was ahead on the 1st inter with two tenths looses time in the second part of the track, and never catches up GWIN, and finally ending at the second seat with 3:02.646.
Third pilot, Michael JONES (UK) made it in 3:05.096. Dany HART (UK- 3:05.577) and Sam DALE (UK – 3:05.830) completes the podium !